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Personal Wheelchair Budget/Voucher Scheme

About The NHS Personal Wheelchair Budget/Voucher Scheme

The personal wheelchair budget/voucher scheme is a resource available to support people’s choice of a wheelchair, either within NHS commissioned services or outside NHS commissioned services.

The Process

1. Get a Referral to NHS wheelchair services

The first step to getting an NHS wheelchair voucher is to book an appointment with your child's GP, physiotherapist or hospital. Ask for your child to be referred to your local NHS Wheelchair Services for an assessment.  

2. Post-Assessment Options

Once your child's assessment is complete, NHS Wheelchair Services will decide if your child needs a wheelchair and if so, what type. Make sure to mention that you are interested in funding a TinyTrax, as not all NHS Wheelchair Services provide alternative options during this stage.

3. Using Your Personal Wheelchair Budget

Your personal wheelchair budget can be used towards funding a TinyTrax.

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