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Funding Your TinyTrax Through Self-Funding & Fundrasing

Some families decide to buy TinyTrax themselves, or through fundraising events, such as runs, swims, skydives and fundraising events.  


We are here to support you no matter what method you choose to fund TinyTrax.

Fundraising Platforms

Fundraising platforms are a great way to help raise money. 

They make it easy for friends, family and others to donate to your fund, allow to you add photos, videos and progress updates and only take a small fee for their services. 


William's TinyTrax Story

Following two below-knee amputations at just 4-years-old, William needed a powerchair which would allow him to move easily and continue to explore.


Learn more about William's story and how TinyTrax has enabled him to lead a life without limits. 

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