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Empowering disabled children to live more independent lives

These are charities that have fully or partially funded TinyTrax. Click on the links below to be taken to each charity's online grant application forms. The pdf forms are also available.


Please check eligibility before applying.


The PDF below also provides a good summary of some of the charities.

Ways to Fund Your TinyTrax

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FREE Funding from


We have compiled a list of charities that have fully or partially funded TinyTrax in the past. Click on each link to find out more about the charity, eligibility and their application process. 


Personal Wheelchair Budget/Voucher

Many NHS Wheelchair Services offer a voucher scheme so that you have more choice of a wheelchair. You'll receive a voucher to the value of the NHS chair you would have been offered after your assessment.



Funding Options

Some families choose to buy TinyTrax themselves. They may choose to take part in a fundraiser event or host their own own. There are many online fundraising platforms you can use to help raise funds.

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William's TinyTrax Story

Following two below-knee amputations at just 4-years-old, William needed a powerchair which would allow him to move easily and continue to explore.


Learn more about William's story and how TinyTrax has enabled him to lead a life without limits. 

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