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Children's Powered Wheelchair

A Bit About Us

At TinyTrax we work tirelessly to bring you the very best powerchair solutions for your child. The design expertise that drives this process is based on a solid foundation of over 20 years of design experience, 15 of which are specifically in powerchair design.

Since 2011, TinyTrax has strived to bring freedom and fun to many children whilst continually listening to customer feedback and embracing the latest advances in technology to improve our products.



From customisable design to ultra-portable and excellence outdoors, TinyTrax will give your child unrivalled freedom to explore their world. 

Book a Free Demo

The best way to experience TinyTrax is to try it for yourself. We offer a variety of demos so that your child can try TinyTrax and explore all its features.

How to Fund a TinyTrax

You're not alone. There are multiple charities that can help fund a TinyTrax for your child. Find out more information on funding on our funding page.

Free TinyTrax Loan for Professionals and Children's Centres

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Sometimes, demos don't always give a child the best opportunity to try TinyTrax. That's why we offer a free loan service to children's centres across the UK so that children can experience TinyTrax in their own time and at their own pace. 

Currently, we have a handful of TinyTrax's making their way around the UK and we're always looking for more temporary homes for them. 

For more information on our free loan scheme, please click the button below. 

See Tiny Trax in Action

Would your child like to give TinyTrax a try? We can provide a free demo so that your child can experience TinyTrax first hand.

Book a Free Demo


William's TinyTrax Story

Following two below-knee amputations at just 4-years-old, William needed a powerchair which would allow him to move easily and continue to explore.


Learn more about William's story and how TinyTrax has enabled him to lead a life without limits. 

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